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Select the SIM size that fits your unlocked gsm phone, or buy one according to your needs.

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Upgrade to the data and international minutes/sms combination that best suits your needs for a fixed monthly price.

Euro-roaming upgrade

Are you planning to travel around Europe?

Upgrade your SIM for EU roaming for €15/mo.  The upgrade comes with a 50 roaming MB and 50 EU min/sms monthly allowance to use anywhere within the European Union.

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How many months will you need your service plan? We will automatically renew your service plan ONLY as many months as you tell us to. Your service plan renewal will be charged against your selected payment method upon the prior month plan expiration.

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Control your budget. Select the value and frequency of your recharge. You can choose a single initial recharge, or program that the same value is automatically recharged with a given frequency (every month, every week), or every time your credit balance goes below €5, for up to 1 year.

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