Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Congratulations on your Study Abroad, and welcome to Spain!

When it comes to arranging your cell phone service, it is clear…

“Do like locals do:  Getting a local voice, text and data plan for your smartphone is the best (...and cheapest!) way to go”

Thus, we partnered with universities, student associations, and study abroad programs to bring you alów, a low cost cell phone service customized to the needs (…and budgets!) of students abroad.


Three steps to use your smartphone in Spain like at home, without going broke!

  1. 1. You need an unlocked, gsm phone. Bring your own unlocked, gsm phone (*) or rent an unlocked iPhone or Android when you order your alów SIM card.

  2. 2. Choose your plan. Choose the prepaid service plan that best suits your data, calling and texting needs for a fixed monthly price, or buy pay as you go credit.  Whatever you choose, you always get unlimited FREE incoming calls and texts while in Spain.

  3. 3. Order your alów SIM card.  If done pre-departure, we’ll send it to your program office in time for on-site orientation upon arrival.



In compliance with Spanish legislation, personal identification will be required at delivery.


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